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This Just In: Increasing the Bally Blast Radius

Bally Blast Sugar Free

Well, we’ve talked up their products before, but now there’s a couple of new bits you should be aware of, coming from the folks at Bally Total Fitness.

We understand there are probably some people out there who are trying to cut back on sugar. I’m even doing it a little, though I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. I’ll go with caffeinated water, thanks. But some of you and some members of the team here want a little more taste to go along with the stimulated bang of a drink, so for you folks Bally has created a sugar-free version of their energy drink. It’s got comparable oomph with the regular drink–that is, taurine, ginseng, gingko, green tea and plenty of B vitamins. And it’s got sucralose (i.e. Splenda) instead of sugar. And only ten calories. The taste is different, obviously, but if you need the kick without the added poundage that sugar consumption brings and you’re cool with sucralose, we say go for it.

Bally Blast Wintergreen Mints

They’ve also got a new species of mint: wintergreen flavor. Just like before, with the peppermint and cinnamon, the flavor is intense. You can smell the mint when you unwrap the plastic around the tin. When you open it, the smell of the mint thumps you between the eyes. If you love the flavor of wintergreen you’re going to dig this. Just like before, you’re looking at 15mg of caffeine per six little mints (and they are tiny). Just like before, there’s aspartame in these, but amazingly, the Bally mints are about the only thing with aspartame that I can tolerate. Maybe because they’re so teeny that I’m not overwhelmed with the artificial sweetness…I dunno. Whatever, it works.

How can I find these items, you might be wondering. Well, at the present time, you can find them at Bally Total Fitness gyms, and there’s a gym locator for those on their website. And the wintergreen mints, you can snag those at Amazon. For more info on the line of products, they’ve just revamped the Bally Blast site, so you can get more info there.

Update: The line of products is no more, alas.