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Frampton’s Got Figments

Figment by Otis Frampton

You know, it’s funny that I ran across this now while I’m reading a recent interview with Paul Levitz in the recent issue of Write Now!. In it, he proved me right about how DC Comics has abandoned kids. He talked about how kids were such a tiny part of their audience.

Yeah, it’s funny how that works. Publish books that no kid would want to read and the amount of kids buying your books goes down. Stunning.

Anyway, one of the people who obviously thinks that’s crap and is taking pains to get kids to read comics is Otis Frampton, whose Chazzie-nominated Oddly Normal is a great story for kids and it won’t cause an allergic reaction in adults. I haven’t seen the trade paperback yet, but I believe it’s due out, so to be on the safe side, snag it from the Viper Comics site. That page also has the first chapter online in its entirety. Go. Enjoy. Throw coin at their heads.

The reason I bring up Mr. Frampton at this point in time is because I ran across his blog and his nice series of Figments that he puts on the site usually twice a week. I picked my personal favorite for the image here. They’re kind of like Michel Gagné on lithium. Very nice.