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Blade Runner Pistol Replica: Gosh, You’ve Really Got Some Nice Toys Here

Blade Runner pistol replica

There’s badass prop replicas and then there’s these replicas of Deckard’s pistol from Blade Runner. To add insult to your silent cry of “Why the hell aren’t I rich? I hate my life!” is the all-metal version that has lights and sounds built in. Here’s a taste:

There are two sound for the start up, one that sounds like a High Energy Charging system startup and another that is more like a robotic woman’s voice saying “Weapon Armed”, to change you need to look between the ammo housing and the front of the trigger guard, in there you will find a small slide switch which controls which sound effect is played.

Tip of the iceberg. And too freaking sweet. The man’s name is Richard Coyle, and he’s got a website where he details the creation of this gun and other prop bits.

Found via Gizmodo.

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