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Podcast Review: Anna’s Book Club

Anna’s Book Club is a sporadic, but innovatively formatted podcast version of a book club. Anna chooses books based upon her own list of books she’s been meaning to read, balanced with reader/listener suggestions. The podcast is formatted as a kind of audio discussion of the selected book, but the innovation comes in as Anna plays phone messages where listeners have called and left messages on her phone about the book. This allows all of us to have our say, and is a unique way to break up the drone of a host’s voice that plagues so many otherwise worthwhile podcasts. (I heard that! -ed.) If only Anna’s Book Club was more regular; it’s ostensibly monthly, but in practice is more like quarterly. If you’ve always wanted a book club, however, but can’t find one near you that fits your schedule, then absolutely give this one a shot.

Past selections have included The Autobiography of Malcom X, Allende’s The House of Spirits, and Irving’s controversial The Hotel New Hampshire .

You can find Anna’s Book Club at her website or via iTunes.