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Board Games with Scott – Podcast Review

Board Games With Scott

Board Games with Scott is an excellent biweekly vidcast run by a guy who seems to genuinely love board games and gaming. The podcast is interesting in that it has different segments. First, he introduces the general idea of the game, then uses the video format to show what the board, pieces, etc. might look like, then he talks about the flow of the game, and then gives his final word on the game and why you might want to play it. This is a great chance to check out new games before buying them, because Scott gives a nice overview of both the aesthetic aspects of the game, how unwieldy or fun the rules might be, and basically what the game is really about. As we all know, the descriptions that the marketers put on the back of the gamebox often have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual gameplay, and Scott can help you avoid a potentially costly mistake, especially with regard to some of those Eurogames that are more artworks than “weekend entertainments.” Recent episodes have included reviews of Die Macher, Apples to Apples, Why Did the Chicken…?, and one that intrigues me: Aqua Romana.

The sound and video quality are fine, equivalent to a more competent amateur with decent equipment. The music isn’t overdone or over-long, and the ten to twelve minute length is just about right to give you a good look at the game, but not so long that you get bored listening to someone prattle on about it. Part of a podcast or vidcast is the approachability and enjoyability of the host, and Scott just looks like a normal guy–someone you’d know and maybe hang out with. A slick, “party-man” host would a be annoying, and some giggly mother-type would make you think all the games were for kiddies, when they’re emphatically not. He also does an excellent job of covering a wide variety of games, from things you can play with your family to party games for adults, and from card games to tile games and so on. Nice to have those choices out there.

If you at all like games, or just want something to do with your family and/or friends, then definitely check out Board Games with Scott.