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  • Nice touch with the other lands of Oz. I am curious about the non-living residents of Oz: The Scrawcrow, The Tin Woodsman, Tick-Tock. Are they some secret spec-op team working with aerial support from The Flying Monkey Squardrons.

    And what of Toto?

    And WTF is on your hand?

  • Re:Re:Re: Toto. Hard to rise when you’ve been gnawed down to bones.

    Re:Re:Re: Stuff on my hand. Hell no. They went in the stew shortly thereafter.

  • As a fan of L. Frank Baum. I really liked this micro fiction. I think you should delve a bit more.

    What of the Wicked Witch of the West?
    Or Mambi? The Gnome King. Like I said I am a fan of this series. You know there is a magician in the series. Or you could use the Barn Stormer from Jose Farmer.