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Podcast Review: The Splendid Table

Splendid Table Podcast

Produced by American Public Media, The Splendid Table is a call-in radio show where listeners across the country can ask food specialist and chef Lynne Rossetto Kasper any question they have about food and cooking. The emphasis is upon making cooking fun and interesting again, instead of a mere chore. Food has always been at the heart of social and family life, and Kasper wants callers to remember the spiritual and psychological elements of just having fun with your food and learning something new. Exploration and curiosity are important keywords here. Each weekly show is about 17-18 minutes long and will fill your mind with ideas and things to try, with ingredients both exotic and familiar.

From Ethiopian bread to black Chinese rice to how to use jalapeno harvests, you’ll get a scattershot look at all things food and cooking. What’s interesting is that since you never know what people will ask, it’s fascinating to hear about products that are new to you. I’m always inspired to try something new and enjoy cooking more after I listen to the show. My personal favorite episode includes a phone interview with Nigel White from the British Cheese Board, where he talks about a study showing how eating cheese before bed affects your dreams. Stilton, for example, seems to cause exceptionally weird, funny, and vivid, but not disturbing, dreams. So bear that in mind.

For more information, visit the show’s website.