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Win Stephen King’s Duma Key… on Unabridged CD!

Stephen King

So many people I know hardly have time to pick up a book these days. I, sadly, am one of those people. However–I am an audiobook believer. You get a good reader, you get an unabridged (hopefully) production and you are set.

Trouble is, unless your local library has a good selection (and they might–check em out), audiobooks are damn expensive. This one we’re giving away here is $50. Granted, if you think about it, it’s 18 CDs, so that’s less than $3 a disc, but still…you thought a hardback book would set you back.

Oh, dear…did I say “giving away”? Yes, I damn well did. I’ve got two copies of Stephen King‘s latest novel on unabridged CD, read by John Slattery. This is from Simon & Schuster audio. The audiobook clocks in at 23 hours. So if this doesn’t give you something to listen to for a few days, then you probably have one helluva commute.

And did I say “Stephen King”? Hell yes. So you know you want it. And if you want it, to get it, you have to enter. And two random winners walk away with it.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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