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And Yes, More Winners

They just keep coming around and doing that winning thing, don’t they?

The Xanadu Contest was won by Maggie Tompson of Georgia.

The copies of The Riches go out to Amanda Kaminska of Indiana; John McLeod of Texas; Ginger Thorpe of Oregon; Betty Reed of Maryland; Matt Moore of Utah.

And the Blind Boys CDs go out to Mark Rabito of California; Marcella Hugentobler of Florida; Vera Walker of Georgia.

Congrats to all the winners. And if you haven’t won one, don’t despair–keep entering. And remember, subscribing to our news feed might be the difference between the entry you don’t get the jump on…and crying into your Jell-o brand gelatin. Don’t let this happen to you! Subscribe! It’s free for crying out loud.

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  • Wow! I can’t wait to watch all of The Riches. I only caught a couple of episodes and it looks GREAT. Thanks for the contests!