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Caffeine: You Can’t Escape It

Basic Instructions: Caffeine

Well, we can take some comfort in the fact that decaf isn’t really decaf. That’s the word from Consumer Reports, who sent ninjas to buy coffee from six places in Yonkers. And the word is that your decaf is still semicaf. There’s always something in there, even if it’s less than 5mg. But one cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee was found to have 32mg of caffeine in it.

This is good news for people who feel like they are cheating their bodies of the life-giving substance, but bad news if you really, really are sensitive to caffeine. Good news is that McDonald’s had consistently 5mg of caffeine in their decaf. Or you could just squeeze out a black magic marker into a cup of warm water. Whatever works for you.

Just remember: death, taxes and caffeine. You can’t avoid any of them, but at least one of them makes you happy.

Found via The Consumerist.

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