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Stuff: Oni Press at the Movies

Gordon Ramsay and friend

  • Amazon’s having a small MP3 sale. Of merit: Rodrigo y Gabriela’s album for $8. Plus a new Firewater track for free. Found via The Bargainist.

  • China has started altering the names of dishes served in their restaurants, knowing that Engrish pics on Flickr will explode during the Olympics if they don’t take action. So if you wanted “Chicken Without Sexual Life,” well, tough. Because it’s only chicken with sexual life going forward. Or as it translates back into English, “steamed pullet.”
  • Iron Man has crossed the $300M box office mark, and has more than $550M worldwide. Has anyone checked to see if this has helped sales of the comic book upon which the film is based? I would bet probably not, since movie Tony Stark isn’t, you know, a ginormous prick.
  • iTunes has passed the five billion download sales mark.

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  • Oni Press apparently has some stuff in the works as films. Whiteout is headed to cinemas in 2009, directed by Dominic Sena (who helmed the wish-they-had-left-the-script-alone Swordfish in 2001) and starring Kate Beckinsale. Scott Pilgrim starts up this year with Edgar Wright in the driver’s seat. Their books Leading Man and Resurrection are at Universal. And lastly, The Last Call has been snagged also by Uni, about two teenagers who get hit by a Souuuuul Trainnnnnnn. Well, the article says “interdimensional soul carrier,” but our idea is better.
  • In Australia, the government has their shit so wired that they can actually time to fret over the amount of times Gordon Ramsay says his favorite curse word. We’re guessing it’s “Fuck.” But regardless, Australia must be heaven on earth if they have time to fret over something that trivial. To be fair, though, the committee that was hearing this rubbish did recommend no action be taken. So partial credit. Image.

  • Ridley Scott has stated that the comic strip Little Orphan Annie inspired Blade Runner. Which is not surprising. On the Gladiator commentary, he admitted that Blondie was the foundation for that film.