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Stuff: Christopher Guest is “Terrible”

Christopher Guest

  • Gillian Anderson‘s busy. She’s snagged the rights to Gelhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life and she’s going to produce and star in a biopic of Martha Gelhorn, a female war correspondent. My prayers are answered–can’t find a role you like? Help produce the damn film. Well done.
  • Boston Legal‘s fourth season hits DVD on September 23rd from Fox. Looks like there will be one featurette included. But it does have the Shatner. And he’s like a walking Criterion, isn’t he?
  • Child’s Play has turned 20. Je-sus, I’m old. The Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition is coming September 9th from MGM. Two commentaries plus “Select Scene Chucky Commentary” with I’m assuming Brad Dourif in character. That might be amusing.
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  • The FCC reports that complaints about programming dropped in 2007 a staggering amount. In first quarter, 2007, 150,000 complaints. In 2Q 2007, 4368. In 3Q, 368. Of course what they have not figured out yet is that the entirety of the complaints were lodged by a mere fifteen people, of whom twelve died last year. The other two found hobbies. And one finally got laid.
  • Long, long ago I was in Indian Guides, this YMCA-sponsored youth thing. It’s apparently called Adventure Guides now. Anyway, everyone had Native American-esque names. This was mine. (Alternate link.)
  • Christopher Guest has joined the cast of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian as Ivan the Terrible. One thing I will give the film credit for–they could have called it 2Night at the Museum and they managed to refrain from doing so. But I guarantee you it was suggested.
  • Warner Brothers has four jazz-related titles coming on July 22nd. Bird has got a two-disc edition (of which one is a six-track CD), also out is Pete Kelly’s Blues, Blues in the Night, and Round Midnight.

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