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700 Bands: 136 – 145

700 Bands

The madness continues. For more information, go here.

136. Pryor Offense.

137. Olympus Wings.

138. Just a Taste of Meta.
From Tuffley.

139. Glove Not Whore.
From Bob the Zombie.

140. Pretty Dwarf Army.

141. Clouseau and the Katos.
Album title: “The Art of Surprise.”

142. The Marxist Hobbits.
Taken from here.

143. Satan Shipbuild.
Taken from a spam e-mail.

144. Bowels of Confusion.

145. The Reform School Sweethearts.

New band names up for grabs each Tuesday and Thursday. Unless we get stomped by giants and until we hit 700.