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FCC Chair: XMSirius Monopoly Will Bring Choices–Maybe He’s Thinking of the Board Game

Yahoo Serious

XM and Sirius have been given the go-ahead to merge. And really all you Need to Know about this is that while it’s most definitely a bad idea, it’s hilarious to see the what it brings out in FCC head burrito Kevin J. Martin. Namely that he’s an idiot. But we knew this. Here’s what he said: “The merger is in the public interest…”

Yes. This is the guy who tried to get CBS fined for showing off Janet Jackson’s naked boob. As a result of this, we all got to witness that footage far more often than we would have if he just would have shut the hell up. Some of just aren’t that excited about Janet’s nipple. So thanks a lot for that. That sure helped the supposed public interest there, Sparky. So does putting yourself as the wanton slave to the mindless complaining of what’s probably now less than 368 people.

[ad#longpost]“…and will provide consumers with greater flexibility and choices. Consumers will enjoy a variety of programming at reduced prices and more diversified programming choices. It will also spur innovation and advance the development and use of interoperable radios, bringing more flexible programming options to all subscribers.”

Right. Like all the flexibility, choices, variety, reduced prices and diversification brought on by the fact that there’s a monopoly over my cable, you jackass. Now I’m not saying the right thing to do would be to let the government say no, necessarily. Because the only thing worse than hearing a government stooge say the phrase “in the public interest” is hearing them say, “we’re here to help.” If there’s a way to make a situation worse, the government will usually figure it out.

Me, I don’t understand satellite radio. I tried XM while on an AirTran flight one time. 100 stations. Flipped through all of them, yawn, plugged my headphones back into my iPod. Now maybe if there’s a show or something you just can’t live without on XM or Sirius that might make sense–I’m a Streamlink subscriber to Coast to Coast AM myself (because it’s brilliant)–but for music? With an iPod you have your own radio station that you control. Then the only obnoxious DJ you have to deal with is yourself.

Source. For the image, all the XM/Sirius pics I could find were boring. So I went with Yahoo Serious. I’m sure you understand. Source: the man himself.