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Surge Returns in New Eel Flavor

Unagi Nobori: Surging Eel

Whoops, no, my mistake. The name of the drink is Surging Eel and actually has nothing to do with our dearly departed Surge. In Japanese it’s Unagi Nobori. And it doesn’t just taste like eel, it is eel. “Contains extracts from the head and bones of the serpentine fish.” On one hand, I eat eel with my sushi, so that’s not so odd. On the other hand, the concept of drinking an eel smoothie just doesn’t, you know, thrill me.

But because this is supposed to “boost stamina” that makes it, technically, an energy drink. And dammit, that’s my jurisdiction. So I have a responsibility.

Therefore I declare I will reimburse the costs if anyone wants to send me, from Japan, a bottle of this stuff. (As long as they send it via the slow, inexpensive transport instead of, you know, FedExing to me. Let’s not crazy here.) Anyway, I will review it on the site. Contact me for details. I would hit up Japan Tobacco for a sample but I have a sneaking suspicion that since it’s probably never going to show up stateside, they would derive no benefit from a review here, even though we do have readers in Japan.

I declare also that I will also give a dollar to the first person who posts to YouTube a film of themselves taking a swig of Surging Eel and saying into the camera, “That’s a moray!”

Found via BevBlog. Image from Tokyo Mango.

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