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Win New Wave Chess!

New Wave Chess

Daniel Young has designed a new chess/checkerboard. Basically it lets you play without being worried that the pieces could get scattered, either by high winds, children or pets. I’m going to let them explain it to you because it’s just easier that way:

New Waveâ„¢ Chess & Checkers is the world’s lightest and most tenacious game board. The inserted pieces can’t be blown away or shaken out! They move only when you want to move them. The 1 5/8″ chess pieces stand up on the 8 ¾” square with a full 3-D effect.

The laser-cut corrugated board is durable. It will not lose its structural integrity in normal use. We use double-wall corrugated board manufactured to withstand 275 lbs.of compression. We have inserted a piece into the same spot 1000 times without a problem. Another design innovation turns a checker piece into a king simply by rotating it to show its crown. We point out that this three-ounce miracle (total weight of set in pouch) is not waterproof or fireproof.

New Waveâ„¢ Chess & Checkers is highly portable. It can be played indoors, outdoors or on the go. You can actually “frisbee” it back and forth. “Extreme” chess or checkers can even be played during a windstorm! You can stop the game and store it without fear that the position of the pieces will be disturbed. It’s elegant and economical. In short, it’s the smartest way to play or practice.

New Wave Chess upside down

And, of course, you can guess what this instantly made me think of. We happen to have a spare New Wave Chessboard here–would like to win one? Go for it! You can enter once a day. Or you can order your own from Paradoxy Products.

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