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Bad Boy Power Drink – Review

Bad Boy Power Drink

Who the hell is Bad Boy? I mean, besides a foe of the Legion of Substitute Heroes? And why would they want to put out a “power drink,” now that the energy drink market is flooded with the stuff? Well, we need to not say too many bad things about them, since if you go to, like it says on the can, we find “Bad Boy provides martial arts athletes with the most innovative, high quality, performance products designed to benefit the athlete in both training and competition.”

Jesus. Bad Boy has a legion of fu on their side. So we’ll choose our words very carefully.

Ingredients first. 100% RDA of B6, B12, Niacin and Riboflavin. It does have real sugar and also “glucuronolactone,” which is a word so complicated I can’t even think up a joke about it, even though it just begs one, doesn’t it? The ever accurate Wikipedia lists this as “a naturally occurring chemical compound produced by the metabolism of glucose in the human liver.” Having no idea what that means in a medical sense, let’s just move on.

The most frustrating thing is that I can’t tell exactly how much caffeine is in this thing. The can doesn’t list it, the official site doesn’t seem to list it…nothing.

[ad#longpost]When I popped the can open, I got the whiff of something that it took me a while to figure out where I remembered it from: then…blue raspberry Dum Dums. The taste is…so similar to many other energy drinks that I’ve had, it’s almost hard to describe because I’m just so used to it and “that energy drink taste” just doesn’t cut it. It’s got a sweet taste to it that is only slightly different, though–is that the glucurochromeathronebone? I have no idea. It’s not particularly memorable, though. However, I will say that it has no regrettable aftertaste so that’s a point in its favor. And no high fructose corn syrup either, so more points there.

As to the amount of oomph it provided…frankly, I couldn’t feel a thing. Granted, we’ve well established that my tolerance level is ridiculous, so normal people might sip this and take off like a rocket. But I got no discernible boost.

Overall, it doesn’t wow me but it doesn’t offend me either. It’s good for a drink if you need one, although your mileage may vary on the point of drinking an energy drink: namely the energy.


  • Bom dia, tenho um projeto de apio e patrocinio esportivo para apresentar à Bad Boy, a quem devo encaminhar?

  • Hi Paulo: If Google Translate is even close to being right, then you’re trying to contact the Bad Boy people. You can find them by going to their official website, linked up in the article. Good luck!