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It Was a Photo Gallery Like Any Other Photo Gallery, Except *You* Were There

3D photo viewer

In what is probably the most ridiculously cool computer thing you’ll probably see this week, The University of Washington and Microsoft Research have created a new way to get a three-dimensional view of objects and places. It figures out the best paths to get you seamlessly from one place to another in the photo, and gives you, when pics are available, a full view of the thing from 360 degrees. It will even take you inside buildings.

And I can’t help but think–imagine if you took a shot of yourself standing in the same position in each photo…you’d look like you were on a dolly being wheeled into the Pantheon. Then we could all achieve Mike Jittlov FX with a fraction of the workload.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


  • One step closer to the dystopian future wherein no one leaves their house, thanks to the latest in outing simulations. Once we hit holodecks, society will crumble entirely. That’ll be fun.

    Seriously, though, this just made slide shows about a gazillion times cooler.