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A Plethora of Winners!

Plethora of Winners

Our Jake and the Fatman winners are Oliver Brewer of Pennsylvania, Rikki Preston of Kentucky, Cindy Lethbridge of Manitoba, Karen Barnett of Minnesota, and Elizabeth Young of Indiana.

The Lydia Lunch DVD goes to Frank Stock of British Columbia.

Reno 911! Season 5 is headed for Gary Costanzo Of California.

Aloha Elvis says aloha to Kelly Kennedy of Alberta.

Our Dark Knight book is for James Baker of Maryland.

The Birds of Prey DVD set was won by John Stetson of Florida.

The Ruins DVDs will be sent to: Kim Kellogg of Wyoming, Nicholas Carr of Florida, Thomas Polk of Pennsylvania.

Stop-Loss DVDs go to Rhonda Bauske of Oregon, Susan Osberger of Ohio, Kenneth Schaeffer of Pennsylvania.

And Dallas Season 9 will wind up in the shower of Scott Washington of Maryland.

To our winners–huzzah! If you do not huzzah, keep trying: find our contests here. We’ve got plenty to choose from. And subscribe to our news feed so you don’t miss a single one!


  • Damm I really Really Really wanted to win birds of prey and why does it always seem that someone from Wyoming is always in the winning list?