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Stuff You Need to Know, Monday, October 13, 2008

Short one today because it’s Columbus Day and nobody felt like working.

  • Did you know there’s a Toxic Avenger musical? Apparently so and they want to take it to Off-Broadway. Read the review here.

    Want some footage? Okay…here’s “Kick Your Ass.” Because you wanted a choreographed showstopper that involves dancing with someone’s intestines and multiple incidents of dismemberment. You know you did. Here’s the official site. Lloyd Kaufman FTW.

  • Update: The vids were ordered taken down from YouTube by the George Street Playhouse. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted.


  • Jeremy Clarkson has been injured in a head-on car crash while filming for Top Gear. Looks like he’s going to be okay. For TMI about his injuries, see here.
  • DreamWorks has worked out a distribution deal with Universal. The deal lasts seven years, apparently covers up to six releases a year and will cost DreamWorks an 8% fee. Interestingly, David Geffen, who was once the G of DreamWorks SKG is helping to get the new DW up and running but won’t be involved thereafter. Source: Hollywood Reporter.

  • Ridley Scott is finally going to get to do Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War as a film. Apparently he wanted to follow Alien with it, but he had rights issues that have now been resolved and Fox 2000 has them for him. Richard Edlund, who won an Oscar for FX on Raiders, wanted to make the film but couldn’t get it going. Then it was going to be a Sci-Fi miniseries and that went nowhere. No writer is on board yet so no word on when it will get on Scott’s dance card. Source: Variety.
  • Oh, and all three seasons of Veronica Mars are on sale for 66% off at Amazon today only and while stocks last. It’s going for $61.50 as I type this. You can snag the set for yourself (or somebody else) here.

    • Casey: Well, it depends on your definition of “kids,” considering Toxie’s first movie was 23 years ago. :)

      But all seriousness aside, if by “comic book kids” you mean “pop culture savvy types” then I would say yes: from what I understand, Evil Dead the Musical’s been a success.