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32 Days of Halloween II, Movie Night No. 27: Scary Women Double Feature!

Mesa of Lost Women

Vampires, zombies, rampaging aliens, giant monsters–you name it–it can be dealt with. But then movies started to get into scary territory for a lot of men in the 50s: the unknown world of…women. And not just any women. But women who could kill your ass literally instead of just metaphorically, trashing your lame pick up lines. So last year’s entry, our Roger Corman Double Feature, led us to this first Corman classic, She Gods of Shark Reef, then to another film about the mysterious creatures known as females…

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Wait…is that Dr. Aranya the same Jackie Coogan who we last saw as a kid in that snippet of Oliver Twist we posted earlier? Why yes. Yes it is.

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