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Naruto Jutsu Power Energy Drink Review

Naruto Jutsu Power Energy Drink

I’m at an anime convention in Miami. So how does one do as the Romans do in this particular version of Rome? How shall I try to fit in with this crowd? Review an anime energy drink, naturally.

I was told by the guy who sold it to me that it tasted just like Red Bull; this is not a turnoff as I happen to enjoy Red Bull. Often in and in great quantities. But the good news is while it’s similar to Red Bull it’s got enough of a difference to make it worth drinking.

Side Note: With the amount of energy drinks on the market, it’s very easy to think about energy drinks as all being variations of Red Bull in the same way that George Carlin once did a routine about how all sports were just variations of ping pong.

Whereas Red Bull in a glass looks like beer, Jutsu Power in a glass has a faded melony green color to it. And it’s basically a milder cousin of Red Bull–it doesn’t have that rough edge to the taste. It is thus very pleasant to drink. It possesses an unspecified amount of caffeine, guarana extract and ginseng.

[ad#longpost]I unfortunately am unqualified to say how well this tastes in relation to the character of Naruto. I admit freely that all I know about him is that he apparently has a great deal of asskicking prowess. That and he has such terrible migraines he has to strap a slab of metal to his forehead. Perhaps this drink is meant to provide a similar cure for the caffeine headache. I don’t know.

While it’s not going to redefine energy drinks as we know it, honestly, it’s a character-branded energy drink. I would have been satisfied to have been able to finish the can. So bonus points for surprising me in a good way. Please note: the drink will not turn your hair into into the equivalent of a large spiky fruit.

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  • Actually, he only develops ass-kicking prowess after getting his own ass kicked to near unconsciousness. I also imagine Red Bull is cheaper.