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Win Charmed: The Complete Series on DVD!

Update: Sorry, folks, but the contest is cancelled. The copies we were promised simply aren’t going to be coming and we just found out. Sorry for the inconvenience. To find our active contests, please go here.


  • How come you are no longer having your current contests listed on: cashnetsweeps?

    There is no easier way to get maximum expoure for your web site and your sponsor’s prizes.

  • Jill: We’ve never taken it upon ourselves to list them before at that site, and we made no decision to refrain from listing them at that site. In fact, that site doesn’t ring a bell. That site is welcome to include our contests in whatever listing it has.

  • Wow! And Charmed is one of my all time favorite shows. I lost the first 3 seasons I had in a house fire. I would have worked hard to win this one.

  • Robin: That sounds like a great idea…until you consider that I’d get showered with e-mails that ask “Where did the Charmed Contest go?” Trust me, it’s better this way.

    Also, make sure you don’t put your e-mail address where a URL/website is supposed to go–you’re asking to get spammed or something because that field people can see.