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RIP: Forrest J. Ackerman

The man who found Ray Bradbury, made “sci-fi” a popular term, served as head burrito at Famous Monsters of Filmland and also served as custodian for a tremendous collection of genre memorabilia (“the Ackermansion”) has died at age 92. I got to see him once at DragonCon and it was an excellent presentation from one of the ultimate fans of the genres. We actually tried to call him the other day while recording a Weekend Justice. I hope he went knowing that our thoughts were with him.

Here’s a couple of choice clips. First, from the opening of That Little Monster, a pitch-perfect Frankenstein prologue parody:

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And here is giving some perspective on early fandom, in an interview from 1996.

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Thanks for everything, Forry.


  • In the late ’70s, some of my misspent youth was spent cramming for classes at M.I.T. in Boston. And a significant part of my downfall (or a truly valuable element of my education, depending on your viewpoint) came to be the M.I.T. Science Fiction Society, or MITSFS.

    At the time, they prided themselves on hosting what was acclaimed as the largest circulating collection of science fiction paperbacks anywhere (who knows, may even still be totally true). I do know that the gavel for their regular meetings was a HUGE pocking wrench, and I met some exceedingly interesting (read “productively WEIRD”) people there.

    And Forrie J. Ackerman was an occasional visitor, floating dinner-club guest, and more-often subject of discussion. Keep in mind this was in his “early” period, so I’m sure he HAD to have matured with time… well, almost sure… One thing I -do- recall was that while of strong opinions and sometimes unpredictable reactions, he very definitely enjoyed life steeped in the community of fans and writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy… DO have to wonder what arrangements are in store for his vast collection of memorabilia — THAT is going to be wild!!

    Rest in Peace, FJA!

    (Are we SURE he didn’t arrange for a nice lengthy liquid nitrogen bath? There had been rumors…)

  • I have attended Dragon Con for at least ten years and in those years I always searched out Forrey for my annual hallway hug. This started when I bumped into him at my first year at DC. Instead of saying excuse me, I said It was nice to see you here. He replied, “really”?
    “oh, yes everyone loves you.” With that, I gave him a big fan hug. I searched him out every year after that.
    Thanks Forrey for all the hugs.