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13 Days of Xmas, Day 5: More Commercials

Santa Claus and NyQuil

So last year we shared with you our Top 10 Christmas commercials. This year, it’s…not those.

First up, here’s a KMart commercial that seems like a Proto-Dick in a Box? Anybody else seeing it? I know to see it, you’d have to actually watch this, which I apologize for in advance.

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You know how some commercials promise more than they could possibly deliver? I think this Radio Shack commercial does pretty well: all that from a GPS?

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A commercial that, apart from having a low-rent version of Triumph, is still rather amusing. Everybody and their brother Bob might have seen this already, but this was after my television-watching days, so “New to us = content gold.”

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H complained that our last year’s set of Xmas commercials were all happy. Well, here you go, H. This is the darker side of dog puppets. At least we think they’re dogs. We can’t stop screaming.

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Here we see Santa having had one too many pulls off the NyQuil bottom. Of course, this was the good old days before he learned how to use it to make meth. Check out the last line of the commercial: SAUCY.

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Cosette adds, “He probably picked up the clap in Vegas as well.”