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13 Days of Xmas 2011 – Day 4: Holiday Hocus Pocus

Stephen Fry QI Christmas

Last year we did some more Brit Christmas TV fun, bringing you the monster-sized Christmas Whose Line Is It Anyway? episode from their second season. And led off from a bit out of the American version. So keeping with that them, we turn again to the best show the BBC thinks Americans aren’t smart enough to watch: QI.

Yes, it’s true: the BBC iPlayer is due to hit our shores any day now. And when it does, if you are a Anglophile worth a damn, get it. I know it’s iPad-only, but buy it anyway. Seriously. Otherwise, how will we prove to them that we can recognize good television? I mean, they were 100% right about how nobody gets Doctor Who over here…right? Rrright.

This magic-focused holiday party features Sir Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Graham Norton, Lee Mack and…I dunno, some kid. I know him from somewhere…

Direct link for the feedreaders.

All QI material can be snagged from Amazon UK. But you can try your luck with Amazon US.

Also previously on Day 4, we hung out with Mr. Bean, with Warner Brothers, and Disney.

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