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Wayhomer Review #95: Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Paula Patton and Simon Pegg from Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Episode #95 for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, in which our protagonist explains his history with the feature film franchise, brings up Incredibles 2 simply because he can, and offers Brad Bird another directing job (not that it’s his to offer, but why not, right?).

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  • You rabbit on and on…what is it with you yanks! – you think everyone must hang onto every word you spit. You took an age getting to ‘reviewing’ ‘4’ – and the fact you havent even watched the ‘3rd’ one speaks volumes. ( which incidentially is the best of the 3 at least ). Pegg, btw, was great in Spaced…and little else..and his autobio stinks more than your review! I do agree however that Brad should direct Bond. ( As i type..your still…talking….yeeesh! – lets just say, im not a fan of your reivews..dont talk and drive btw..

  • Thank you for replying. Of course you wouldnt be a fan of my comments…I mean…c’on I would’nt dream for one momento that you’d admit some humility – you are an American afterall! Facto is – the premise of your review is flawed from the start. Way too much time spent regarding other drivers. I came on here to read your review – as your ‘Bond comment’ ‘got me – so to speak. Lesson learnt..and as you say, you got my twice…why come back for a thrid time!! Saying all that, I, like you, enjoy ‘the movies’ – so we’re on commen ground there. Feel free to delte these wittering of a Brit btw – like your reviews, they say very little but take an age to say it.

  • Jonbo: Unlike your review of my review, I took the time to finish your content before I reviewed it. You started typing in your snark before you finished watching. So that’s why I’m not a fan of your comment. Has nothing to do with humility. Has to do with standards. And yes, sorry, I’m going to comment on other drivers…because I’m driving. And I’m glad we have common ground–I’m sure you’re a great guy in RL. And I love Brits. God knows your TV is better than ours. So let’s leave it at that. :-)

    But yes, as to the “take an age to say it” bit…understand that it’s very easy to say something in 400 words if you actually have time to edit them–and if you have time to think about what you want to say. What you are watching is an improvised review with no prep time whatsoever. And I take no notes. Any notes on what I want to talk about are in my head, and I often leave stuff out. So. Anyway, thanks for coming back a second time.

  • Re: M:I III

    I should start off by mentioning that I’m a big fan of all of the Mission: Impossible movies, including a love for M:I 2 because of the time in my life when it came out and just a general enjoyment of watching Tom Cruise fire lots of bullets and be flippy-kicky. With that said, and with any credibility possibly lost –

    I do think that part 3 is worth checking out. I don’t know if you’d like it as much as Ghost Protocol, it’s very different. Speaking Bond, I would say Ghost Protocol is The Spy Who Loved Me, while III is more Dalton/Craig. The big selling point of the film are the scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman. He provides an element that I felt Ghost Protocol lacked, a strong villain. He gives a great, slimy, threatening performance.

  • Cody: Nah, no credibility lost there. The right film hits us at the right time and makes a friend for life. We all have movies like that. :-)

    Thanks for the advisement. I will put MI3 somewhere on the list. I do like PSH and would like to see him do some serious Evil.