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13 Days of Xmas 2011, Day 5 – Commercials (and Commercialism) Run Rampant!

Polaroid Christmas commercial

Day 5 has traditionally been a day to review some classic commercials–some famous, some infamous. This ever since way back on Year One we gave you our Top 10 favorite Xmas commercials of all time. But now it’s time to sit back, relax, and remember a simpler time when you actually had to watch commercials and couldn’t just skip them on your DVR.

Speaking of a simpler, more innocent time…let’s kick off with something you are almost guaranteed not to find under the tree anymore:

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That’s right, folks: two hundred times. Anyway, moving on. Not sure how we’ve made it this far without posting this one, frankly:

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“You see, kids…back in our day snow was very hairy, so once a year Santa would…” Anyway, I did not know that Norelco was the stateside name for Philips because they couldn’t use the name Philips. Anyway, Wikipedia says that…and it’s always right. Moving on.

“Hey, Bob…we couldn’t really afford to go to the store and, you know, film anything. But we have a bunch of stills. Can you do anything with that?”

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“Bob, you’re like a regular Harryhoofen.”
“That’s Harryhausen.”

In this next one, you know from the haunted tone of this girl’s voice that she’ll be in therapy for the rest of her life…

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“Wake up…you were murmuring ‘Love, Santa’ over and over in your sleep, dear.”
“Pass me my pills.”

And lastly, let’s watch a kid get screwed up for life over a fridge.

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That’s right. His sense of money was eternally cratered. “$3.15? For these groceries? Why, I could buy a fridge for that money!”

Some previous commercial goodies we’ve posted have included Ozzie and Harriet for Kodak plus the magic of Glass Wax, Crazy Eddie and the original Mr. Potato Head and terrifying dog puppets and Santa high on NyQuil.

Got any favorites we missed? Lay them on us…