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Snuggle Up With Some More Winners!

Polar Bear Snuggle

Our Tougher in Alaska winner is Derek Davenport of New Brunswick.

The Kiss winner is Dinna de Guzman of Ontario.

Life With Derek will go to live with Walter Grand of Michigan, Sharon Howell of Nebraska and Adrian Lamont of California.

The first season of Sister Sister will make family of Douglas Hoff of California, Carol Carter of Alabama, Michael Provost of Quebec, Jon Lefkove of New Jersey, and Ray Matson of Ontario.

Birds of America will flock to Cherie Crawford of Texas, Brooke Mooney of Iowa, Sharon Whitehurst of Alabama, Daniel Morrell of Massachussets, and Eugene Mortensen of California.

The 4400 winners are Eva Antwerp of Wisconsin and Erik Zimmerman of Kansas.

And the Speed Racer Fast Track will find Michelle Maddock of Ohio, Heather Tarlecky of Pennsylvania, and Dan Hunnel of Florida in the Winners’ Circle.