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Wayhomer Review #32: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

Episode #32 for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in which our protagonist talks about how Michael Cera is basically everygeek, the question of the film’s demographics, and why video games are good for you…primarily because they will help you enjoy this film.

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  • It’s a travesty that a movie as creative and hyperkinetic as Scott Pilgrim vs The World isn’t doing well. It’s projected to come in at fifth… FIFTH behind The Expendables (Netflix title if ever there were one), Eat Pray Love (I’m a girl and the trailer made my ovaries hurt), The Other Guys (I’m curious but can wait) and Inception (okay, I saw it and did like it with reservations).

    Wright’s film made just under $5 million on Friday which makes me heave an exasperated sigh. Maybe not as bad as the husbands and boyfriends being dragged to Eat Pray Love though. As we stood outside the theatre discussing our favourite bits of SP, we heard several men ask for “two for Eat Pray Love.” Theirs were the voices of men browbeaten to see the new Julia Roberts flick. And those voices implied that they so desperately wanted to ask for one ticket to that and another to anything-OTHER-than-that.

    Anyway, I wanted to chime in and wholeheartedly agree with your comment about being gleeful. I was chock full of glee when I saw it on Tuesday at a sneak preview… and AGAIN when I paid to see it today with friends. I’ll be downright giddy when I go tomorrow night and see it with other friends who could do the Saturday showing. I grew up with video games and loved every single reference that Edgar gave us. Thank you Mr. Wright, you already had my affection before but now you have it for keeps.

    If anyone is on the fence about this movie, thinking they have to read the comics first before they see it. No, you don’t. Will it enhance your viewing of it? Yes, but it’s not a prerequisite. I found the movie to be utterly enjoyable apart from and with the comics. I’m not in love with Scott Pilgrim (Wallace maybe but just for the late night cuddling) but I’m in love with this movie. And it’s because of that love I have no qualms about paying to see it again tomorrow. Maybe by next weekend, the box office will pick up and gain momentum with positive word-of-mouth. Fingers crossed…


  • I hear Scott Pilgrim is very Toronto friendly :-)

    btw, I worked Locations for ‘The Mighty’, i.e. I got paid to guard orange traffic cones for 10-12 hours a day and had to do so even if they decided not to send the trucks to the location that day and didn’t bother to tell the guys who sent us out…

  • It’s über-T.O. friendly. It was so cool to see locations that were actually referred to as being IN Toronto instead of nameless city. If that makes sense…

  • If your significant other has a sense of humor and likes fun movies, then yes. Even if they’re not a gaming fan, they’ll still enjoy the film in general. But I think it takes that gaming angle to get the full effect. Regardless, it’s fun–and thus a safe date movie.

  • Thanks for your input, Widge.
    Also, how can I contact you over email?
    The many email addresses of this site confuse me.

  • Sorry to be so confusing. Whether it’s loonies or wakeupyoubastards, they all come to me. My personal email is widgett at …the site name.