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CoMotion Energy Drink Review

CoMotion Energy Drink

CoMotion bills itself as “2x Energy,” which makes sense as its ingredients list is pretty formidable: coming in your 8.4 oz can, you get a total caffeine content of 160mg. It has a who’s who of stuff I like to see in my drinks, like 200mg of yerba mate, and 70 mg of guarana. It also has 1000mg of taurine, 50mg of rooibos, 50mg of ginkgo biloba, 50mg of panax ginseng, and 50mg of schisandra berry. Plus 100% of your C RDA, 100% of B3, 190% of B6 and 4410% of B12. It’s like somebody put together an energy drink ingredient supergroup, isn’t it?

It also manages to do this with a bit of sucralose and still manages to not completely suck, because they use crystalline fructose and something called palatinose to mask the sucralose crap taste. What is palatinose? “PALATINOSEâ„¢ is the only low glycemic carbohydrate providing longer lasting energy in the form of glucose,” the official website tells us. Sounds impressive. It manages to seem like it’s going to suck, with its dragon fruit flavor–but the other two sweeteners beat the sucralose into submission. Granted, it’s very, very sweet–so if that’s not your bag, then you might want to pass. But me, I’m very pleased by this.

I’m pleased because the drink actually has a reasonable amount of energy-providing power–I actually grabbed this during a long drive and it helped wake my ass back up. So the boost pushes it up and over the unfortunate sucralose inclusion and the odd sweetness doesn’t detract. Although the slight taste of the sucralose each time had me wincing, thinking it was about to pounce on my tongue and poke it with sticks like it normally does. I’d say give it a try.



  • Comotion energy drink is the best on the market for the East Coast.This drink is good, has no crash and does what it do, for that 12hr. 6 days a work-week.

  • This COMOTION ENERY-Drink needs to be in all stores as is Pepsi and Coke. There is not enough that the stores stock here in DE. We buy the entire 2 cases every other week at once. Friends,families, neighbors and co-workers are really on this. It’s all that and a bag of chips, plus MORE.

  • Hello. I currently promote CoMotion energy drink. We hand out sample cans in Chattanooga Tennessee.
    I am glad to see that northern states are aware and enjoy this drink. I would like to hear more. Please keep me posted.