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Nite Owl Dark Roast – Review

Watchmen: Nite Owl Coffee

So amidst all the hoohah about Watchmen-branded items flooding the world as the film prepares to open this coming weekend, we had a couple of things fall into our jurisdiction. I haven’t seen them produce the obvious, easy and obligatory Doc Manhattan Energy Drink (flavored blue raspberry of course) or Black Freighter Energy Brew or Veidt Cola (and I’m a little surprised they haven’t)…and ScottC hasn’t reported back with his Dr. Manhattan condom review yet, but we do have Nite Owl Dark Roast coffee.

The whole Watchmen aspect of this is pretty much a wash. I mean, honestly, it’s coffee. It’s not like grinding, brewing and drinking this gave me any flashbacks to the graphic novel or anything like that. Which means it’s novelty coffee. So the can–with the picture of Nite Owl on it, the Veidt Enterprises logo and such–is just something that, once the coffee’s gone, you’ll store pens in.

As for the coffee, it is organic. And that’s good, because I’ve been a little organic-conscious since I bit into an apple one time and tasted yummy chemicals! So that’s been on my mind. This stuff is provided by the Organic Coffee Cartel, in fact, and it isn’t bad. You would think with the amount of coffee that I drink I would be an expert on the taste of coffee. Sadly, that’s not the case, and that’s why you don’t get a lot of coffee reviews on the site. Coffee is a caffeine delivery mechanism and little else, and as such, it falls into three categories for me. One, the really good tasting stuff–usually the very expensive stuff. Two, the really awfully bad tasting stuff. And three, the vast range of coffee that falls squarely between those two. And this Nite Owl coffee falls squarely in the middle of that middle bucket. Which makes for a short review. Is it decent? Yes. Does it change the face of coffee as you know it? No. Will the can hold pens? Sure.


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