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So, February… What Have We Learned?

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

We look back on the smoldering remains of the month that was and provide you with a quick highlight reel for those joining this website already in progress or those who just might have wandered away and just shown back up with the inevitable question: “What’d I miss?” Anyway, here’s our top ten non-contest posts, submitted for your ease of reference and also your dancing and dining pleasure.

1. The review of Taken
2. A reflection on Bad Movie Club
3. The review of The Wrestler
4. Rob’s review of Push
5. My review of Coraline
6. Our updated Watchmen DreamCast.
7. Our Law & Order: London guest star DreamCast.
8. Our Valentine’s Day Waffle House post.
9. Scott’s review of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Valentine’s Day.
10. Our campaign to help my sister’s dog.

And that’s the way it was, February 2009. A month like any other month, except you were there. Thanks for a good month, everybody.