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Playboy Archive Online for Free

Playboy Archive

Okay, so Playboy has launched the Playboy Archive, and they’ve stuck fifty-three issues online for free, viewable and searchable via Silverlight (which you have to install if you don’t have it already). Now I know lots of people “read” Playboy because of the flesh involved. Me, I actually do read the articles, since in modern issues women airbrushed to hell and back just don’t do anything for me. I went through ten of the early issues they’ve placed up there to see what they might have to offer to people like me. Not that the vintage ads and regular columns and such aren’t worthy just on their own. But just in case.

Click on the month and year to go straight to the issue in question. Click on the story or article title to go straight to it. But I think you should just flip through them–they’re fantastic. Click on names to take you elsewhere in our archives.


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