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Nuts on the Road: First the Podcast, Then the Broadcast, Now the Swag

Nuts on the Road: t-shirt

Yes, that’s right. Ken Plume from Quick Stop Entertainment and I (aka Nuts on the Road) have started creating buyable swag via Zazzle. You may take a moment to panic and breathe into a paper bag. We’ll wait.

Feeling better? Awesome. So anyway, we’ve got a series of Nerdferatu shirts (and even a skateboard–simply because we could, you know) as well as a great design by our own artist in residence here, Rox of Spazhouse. That’s it on a t-shirt up there. And we’ve put that on a mug as well. Again, because we could. The Nuts on the Road store is slowly taking shape here.

Also, we’ve launched a brand new bit of weirdness called Viva La Fry: Songs For Stephen to help our friend and yours, Stephen Fry, take back the Twitter Crown from Coldplay. You can find out about that here.

And as always, for updates on everything that’s going on, it’s probably best to follow Ken, myself, Nuts on the Road and even the Needcoffee feed.