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Whynatte Latte – Drink Review

Whynatte Latte

Whynatte Latte is an interesting beast. I’ve complained before about coffee beverages, and when you start to get into coffee/energy drink territory, it’s terribly easy for things to go wrong. And I have to admit, after having the drink recommended to me, my heart sank a bit at the sign of my mortal enemy: sucralose. As has been well documented here, I have a sensitivity to sucralose–i.e., I can taste it quite easily and the taste (and its aftertaste) can turn me off of a drink in about a half a sip.

Beyond that, though, the drink looked fantastic. Per the can, they have no artificial hormones in the milk they use, plus 1000mg of Taurine, 175mg of L-Carnitine, 100mg of ginseng, 90mg of caffeine, and 25mg of guarana seed extract. Plus you’ve got 100% of your RDA for riboflavin, niacin, B6 and B12. And some real sugar, but still that damnable sucralose, smirking at me from the ingredients list.

Still, I went into my first can of Whynatte with high hopes. And I’ll admit something else to you: I was pleasantly surprised. Is there the sucralose taste? Yes, but they’ve managed to beat it into submission with the coffee. In fact, the drink tastes more like an actual latte than most canned lattes–not too sweet, but the taste of coffee and milk are both there. Aftertaste? Not really, no. I think, beaten down by the coffee, the sucralose just sort of slinks off to a corner of your throat to sulk.

[ad#longpost]How well does it kick? Not bad, actually. When I get more than one can/bottle/whatever of something, I try it in different circumstances to see how I react. And as you know, I have the caffeine tolerance of an infuriated yak. But here, the Whynatte seemed to keep me going when I was already going and at least get my day started after about ninety minutes of sleep. So that’s saying something. For a normal and sane human, it might do a proper kickstart for you.

Is it the perfect coffee drink? Is it the black coffee solution I was looking for? No to both. But it gets huge points for not being sweetened to the point where it hurts my eyelashes. And for having a kick. And especially for keeping the sucralose under control. Well done, guys.

Their official website is here.