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RIP: Michael Jackson

So Michael Jackson is gone. And I’m sad about it and I feel sorry for him. Mostly because–well, I mean let’s face it: the guy was screwed up in the head. We can only postulate what sort of entertainer he would have been had he been more, well, stable. Or if he had just somehow gotten some help for whatever it was that troubled him.

I owned Thriller when it first came out. I enjoyed the album. I thought the videos were cool and positively loved the “Thriller” music video…and that’s probably not a surprise to anybody here. I never really got into his later albums as much as Thriller, but I did always respect him as a performer. Even when his outfits, among other things, seemed to make less and less sense.

So I tried to find something that wouldn’t be just a boring music video and wouldn’t be something from his later years that I just never got into. And I finally settled on this snippet. Which is, I’m afraid, darkly apt.

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Among the other obits you can find elsewhere, I think I appreciate this one the best. Thanks to Bill Corbett for the headsup.

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  • The Wiz is one of my favorites. Can’t see anyone taking his place as the Scarecrow in this.