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Double Down Sandwich From KFC Taunts You From Afar

Double Down Sandwich by KFC

Yeah, I know. I thought it was a joke as well. But apparently not. It’s true: KFC has abandoned bread for their latest monstrosity, the Double Down, in which you get two hunks of fried chicken enveloping bacon, cheese and some form of sauce. Here’s a commercial, shot in the wild:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

[ad#longpost]I guess my favorite part of the announcement of food like this is when fitness people act offended that the sandwich even exists, as though KFC did it to spite them. (Like, for example, with the Monster Biscuit at Hardee’s.) Or worse, that the sandwich’s very existence means that people dressed in stormtrooper outfits will show up and force feed it to them. Look, we’re glad you’re all fit and stuff, but we can’t make the whole world bland and boring just to spare you the temptation. And besides, what healthy choice got bumped from the KFC menu in favor of this?

And anyway, isn’t bread verboten on some diets? You can’t make people happy, apparently. Not even with bacon. Some people, I swear.

Anyway, I think it’s mental and I want one. But sadly, only available in test markets in Omaha, Nebraska and Rhode Island at the moment. Would love to hear your comments if you get to attack (or are attacked by) one.

Found by Prof. David Gallaher, Baconologist.

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