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RIP: Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze gave us a bunch of kickass performances: among them Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, and yes, Michael J. Nelson, we know…Road House. No lie. I dig the hell out of Road House. He returned to television last year, having hopefully smacked down his pancreatic cancer…but alas, it finally got the better of him. Swayze died yesterday at age 57, with his family at his side.

I think everybody’s going to be using clips of a glowing Swayze from Ghost, so let’s just go in the opposite direction:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Thanks for everything, Patrick.

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  • ” Be nice…until it’s time not to be nice.”
    All jokes aside Swayze was great guy. We got to meet him when Ghost came out at my cousin Gail’s in LA(She played Whoopie’s sister in the film). And I still watch Dalton and Wade(Sam Elliot)whenever I’m flipping through channels. Rest in Peace man.