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Learn How to Talk Like a Pirate From the Master

So it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. And what we urge you to do is learn from one of the best cinematic pirates ever: Walter Matthau.

No, I’m serious. And don’t get me wrong: Roman Polanski’s Pirates is an overlong, plodding film that will put your ass to sleep. It’s no Thin Red Line where you’ll be sending out for supplies, but it’s still…not very good. What saves it, though, is Walter Matthau, being ridiculously brilliant as Captain Red.

Now I know we’ve said this before…but before we didn’t have a clip to illustrate things.

For more pirate-related fun, there’s of course The Crimson Permanent Assurance. And our friends Paul and Storm are offering up “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” on their site along with other piratical bits. Enjoy.