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32 Days of Halloween III, Movie Night No. 29: Robot-Monster


At long last, someone has posted the worst movie ever made (second only to Plan 9 From Outer Space): Robot-Monster. Why is this horrible? Is it the gorilla/space-man hybrid antagonist? The stock footage? The bubbles? Or could it be a bit of all of it? I would say the latter. And I’m thrilled to be able to share the madness with you.

Update: Alas, there are no decent vids of Robot Monster online at this time. If anybody finds one, please let me know.

Update Update: It’s back!!

And last year at this time we were checking out Teenagers From Outer Space.

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  • Dude! I had to wear those pants when I was a kid!
    Mine did not instantly turn into shorts though. I think they called them Sears “Toughskins” They even came in green denim!