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Jason Nelson: Beware the Sleeping Zombie Bear

Jason Nelson: Evidence of Everything Exploding

You, like me, have probably spent an undue amount of time wondering to yourself: Is everything exploding? Or is it just me? And by “just me,” I mean “just you under the impression that everything is exploding” since, you know, you’d probably notice if you yourself were exploding. Unless you were just as quickly imploding so that you reached a state of uneasy equilibrium.

Where was I? Oh yes. You have wondered this, but you don’t go on hunches. You want evidence. Jason Nelson, purveyor of games, art and insanity, is here to give you what you have always sought. He does this in the form of the dada game “Evidence of Everything Exploding.” You run over pages of text, blocked by your own preconceived notions of meaning (i.e. lines) and try to reach the reach/reach. Upon doing so, you are rewarded with a running exposé of how the Illuminati have been secretly running the world by means of matchbooks–the real reason smoking has been banned most places, to sap them of their ability to pass encoded messages. Or…something. Regardless, it’s maniacal brilliance. Or what would have happened if William S. Burroughs and Salvador Dali had been in charge of game design for Konami.

Find Jason Nelson and his gallery of surreal nonsense here. And check out the rest of his site. The opening page is like a horror movie about grass scored by Bernard Herrmann being assaulted by a midi machine.

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  • Imaginatively written…even though it seems to fly in the face of media literacy to some degree. You are an artist!