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Gone With the Wind Celebration: World’s Largest Virginia Reel

Gone With the Wind purse

This past Friday, there was the kickoff of a celebration for the 70th Anniversary of Gone With the Wind, as the Ultimate Collector’s Edition hits DVD and Blu-Ray today. One of the first items was a staging of the “World’s Largest Virginia Reel,” taking place in Marietta, Georgia. I was there to witness this historic occasion with my own eyes. And here’s some of what I saw:

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The Ultimate Edition on Blu-Ray is snaggable here. And you can get the DVD flavored one here.

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  • Widge- I am holding out for the “75th” Ultra-Ultimate Edition- which will hopefully include your fine coverage of the Record Setting- Worlds Largest Virgina Reel. It would be unfortunate if they minimize its glory by conducting the Reel with “75” couples at that time. Yet- you could cover that event for the “Undeniably-Ultra-Ultimate 80th Anniversary Edition”!