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Boris Karloff in Thriller

Boris Karloff in Thriller

Okay, so I’ve had fun hanging out with Boris for this past week. Hope you have, too. Thanks again to Frankensteinia for hosting the Karloff Blogathon. And if you want more Boris, make sure you check out the myriad other sites that have been posting like mad all week. Now I’m going to take this opportunity to dip back into the horrific and creepy and such because, well, I can’t help myself.

First up, it’s a promo that Karloff hosts for his show, Thriller, which aired on NBC in the early 1960s. Check it out:
Update: Alas, the promo appears to have been taken down. If anyone finds it again, please let us know…

And yes, that was The Shat as well as a zombie-esque Richard Kiel, among many others. And for those who’ve never had the opportunity–which isn’t surprising since the damn thing doesn’t appear to be out on DVD yet–here’s the intro to an episode:

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