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Yay! More Winners!


Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide to Blur is going to Helena Ramsey of California, Dave Owens of Tennessee, and Ian Bryant of Wisconsin

Krystal Fitzpatrick of Connecticut and Wayne Chow of Ontario will be laughing along with the Funny People Soundtrack

SuperFriends: Lost Episodes have been found by John Morgan of New Hampshire, Roberta Beckham of Arizona, Chloe Hancock of Ohio, Greg Neal of North Dakota, and Michelle Cameron of Pennsylvania

Chris Charles of Alaska will be soaring along with Green Lantern: First Flight

Will Newton of Iowa and Jill Miller of Kentucky win Delgo

Everybody Hates Chris: The Final Season will finally be seen by Natalie Russell of Georgia, Alan Whitfield of New Jersey, Bob Braun of Kansas, Joely Campbell of Iowa, and Lucy Williams of Virginia

Smurfs: Smurfy Tales will be smurfing its way over to Estelle Steenbergen of Illinois, Justine Pierson of Washington, and Elrond Gibson of Georgia

Dave Welten of Ohio will be taking home Golden Boys

Martin Gores of Florida and Ben Kellogg of Colorado have won Simpsons Season 12

Olivia can now share her very loud songs with Cindy Benning of Texas, Sheryl Flickinger of Pennsylvania, and Heather Cowley of Florida

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