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Stuff Bulletin: Python on (Even Better) Sale

Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset

So last year we advised you that The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus 16-Ton Megaset was on sale for $40. Twice, in fact. It’s got the complete series, plus the two-disc set that is available separately as Monty Python Live (reviewed here). It normally goes for $100. And we were excited–as well we should have been–because it was a helluva deal. Especially since we have no idea when a Blu-Ray set will be coming out, much less a remastered DVD set.

But now it’s an even better deal: it’s $35. That’s 65% off. Today. Only today. So you have a few hours left to go snag it. We highly advise it. You can snag it here. (And if you do through us, we get kickbacks and that helps support the cost of running this madhouse. So thanks.)