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Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre – Audio, Part 1

Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre

The book–the literary opus–is entitled Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre. It’s a young adult novel about love, death, magic and how youth will always be triumphy over the stupid. It was “…found inside a unicorn-themed Trapper Keeper â„¢ on a sidewalk in Storm’s neighborhood.” Storm, you ask? Yes, that’s Storm of Paul and Storm. They are the guardians of this piece of fine literature.

Knowing that it was so terribly fine, I asked Storm if I could take a crack at reading it. And he said sure. So here is the first part of me cracking. I apologize in advance for the moments in which it gets a little clippy.


You can find the story thus far here. And for Paul and Storm’s homebase (complete with lasers) go here.



    Could you please start releasing these as you record them as a podcast? I’d LOVE to have them download automatically to my computer. Otherwise, I’d have to download them manually here, which I’m content to do, thus defeating the entire purpose of my request.

    Never mind.


  • EMC: Thanks! I wanted to see what the reaction would be, but now that I’ve seen a retweet instead of a C&D, I’ll probably set up one separate from our regular podcast feed.

    I’ll definitely jump right on it when it comes out.

    (That was me last night at the Paul and Storm and Coulton concert by the way. Nice to meet you!)


  • Yeah, I thought about that as soon as I walked away. I got over to the other side of the door, and stood there, and thought, damn, I didn’t tell him who I was.

    I thought about going back, but I didn’t want to be THAT GUY who goes “Oh, yeah, one more thing…” because I hate that.



  • No worries…I just always like to put a name with a face so everybody knows who everybody is. Like in that scene in Dawn of the Dead. The original, of course.

  • And right here, is where I lose any and all respect you might have for me:

    I can’t stand zombie movies. Creep me right the hell out. And yes, I include “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland” in that. I can’t even watch the trailers.

    It all stems from a childhood trauma when I was 8 years old. Semi-long story. So, yeah.