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700 Bands: And We’re Spent.

700 Bands

The madness comes to an end. Since we want to close the chapter as we waltz into 2010, here’s the last of them. For more information, go here.

661. Ginger Tardis.
Taken from io9. A Doctor Who Xmas band is way too obvious, but still appealing nonetheless.

662. Infinite Gladwell.
Inspired by Apelad.

663. Crazy Internet Famous

664. The Viking Funeral of Charlie Brown.

665. The Cultists Who Nap.
Blame Tuffley. It does sound like an odd murder mystery title, doesn’t it?

666. Brothels in Candyland.
Via PhantomV48.

667. And Yet, Noise.
Yet another elegant suggestion by Tee.

668. The Knives in Sockets.

669. Your Worst Nightmare Is On Line 2.

670. Professional Mourners Union Local 169.

671. Pretty Fly for a Brundle Guy.

672. The Mediterranean Avenue Irregulars.

673. Jaded Brisket.

674. Bring Me the Appendix of Alfredo Garcia.

675. My Morning Constitutional.

675. Not Found On Any Maps.

676. Another Machine Against the Machine.

677. The Future is Anti-Pasto.
One of those math-prog-rock bands with a heavy focus on culinary happenstances.

678. Another Poisonous Burrito.
The debut album should be called “Because The First One Didn’t Kill You.”

679. The Grapes Rejected by Maynard James Keenan.
Quite possibly the most oblique and yet most satisfying musical joke-name we’ve come up with this whole series.

680. Ladies of Acid.
I’m frankly stunned this one hasn’t been used.

681. The Trampled Crepes.
Debut album: “Revenge of The Trampled Crepes.” Also, imagine Coldplay trying to rebrand themselves as punk.

682. Aliens in the Mind.
Because by law, any radio series that had both Peter Cushing and Vincent Price in it must have a band named after it.

683. Wardens of the Prison Planet.
Clutch tribute band. Because somebody needs to be.

684. Take That Green Hat Off.

685. Okra From a Trebuchet.
Southern-fried rock but played on medieval instruments.

686. Absent Friends Are Best.

687. Big Steve And His Sideways Momentum.

688. Richard Cory Will Have His Revenge.

689. God’s Favorite Seafood Buffet.

690. The Very Dark Caves.
In honor of Father Ted and this and thanks to Graham Linehan for the pointer.

691. Dragonriders Pie.

692. And Your Name Was…?.

693. And It Was Deep Too.

694. This Band is Not a Step.

695. A Plague of Celery.

696. Man Bites Accordion.

697. Casey Jones Was Patient Zero.

698. The Cocoa Solids.

699. Bum Rush the Nuns Already.

700. Leigh’s Uteran Army of Conquest.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this project, both willingly and otherwise. Look for other silliness now that we’re in 2010.

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