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Our Life With the Hellhound: A Day in the Life

Hellpuppy in snow

Hellpuppy Kora has been with us a whole year now, and she’s grown a lot (and not just in size). We’ve been through all sorts of puppy and adolescent behavior over the last year, and although she’s still a puppy in many ways, our little Kora is definitely growing up.

When we spoke to Kora’s foster moms before adopting her, they warned us that she was not the type of dog that you would want to go jogging with. We eventually stopped laughing at the thought of either of us jogging and told them that it wouldn’t be a problem. Kora’s mom, Niobe, apparently has 10-15 minute bursts of energy and then totally sacks out for a while.

But we don’t want you to get the wrong idea, that our hellpuppy lives a live of luxury, nomming on souls with abandon. No, she has an extremely busy life and we thought we’d share with you how she spends an average day.

Night and Morning, Intermittently

Kora Amused

After a long night of wandering from place to place in the house and testing the structural integrity of the floor by sleeping on it, as well as checking her food bowl periodically in an ongoing experiment in her “Spontaneous Kibble Generation Theory,” she finally catches a few hours of sleep.

Early Morning

You Shall Not Pass

While we begin our day, Kora stands guard at the top of the stairs, ensuring that nothing–say the odd sock or light patch–comes upstairs to disturb us.

Late Morning

Kora Intrigued

Kora is on hand, diligently supervising Cosette as she prepares contest prizes to be shipped out.

Early Afternoon

Kora Pensive

Kora then sees that Cosette has the situation well in hand and decides to come down into the Technocave to assist with Widge’s editing on the various articles you see on the site.


Kora Meditative

Kora has stated that somewhere between 2pm and 3pm each day, this pillow will spontaneously leap into the air and begin chanting drinking songs. We have never seen it perform this action, because Kora has dedicated herself to ensuring that the pillow stays where it should be during that time period.

Roughly Five Minutes in the Early Evening

Crazy Kora

I think this speaks for itself.

Post-Excitement Yoga Section

Kora Jubilant

In an attempt to stay in shape, Kora can frequently be found in many interesting canine yoga positions, usually performing snorty and snorish deep breathing. She assures us that this sleep-like state promotes total body oxygenation. Here, she’s demonstrating her own version of a sun salutation.

After Dark Supervision

Kora Apprehensive

Generally Kora makes the rounds again, checking in with everyone here at the TechnoCave and its attached compound to ensure they feel supported. Again, she finds herself in the library, keeping track of postage while Cosette makes another round of packages ready to go out.

Before Bedtime

Kora Furiously Contemplating the Riemann Hypothesis

Finally getting some time to herself after a busy day, Kora spends her leisure time putting together fan edits of Joel Schumacher films or furiously contemplating the Riemann Hypothesis.

As this clearly demonstrates, Kora is not spoiled in the least. Indeed, she works hard each day for her kibble. When we asked her for a final comment for this post before we went live with it, she gave a snorey, snorty sigh, which we interpreted as “Keep those cards and letters coming!”


  • I am in love with Hellpuppy Kora! Keep bringing more and more of her posts.

  • PUPPY. So cute!

    It sounds like Kora’s day is much like our cat Charlie’s, except that he adds in “meow obnoxiously until someone fluffs my kibble,” “find pair of black pants to anoit with white hair,” “knock something off a table or counter,” and “glare menacingly at Tuffley if he tries to interact with his wife when she should be petting ME,” to his day.