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DragonCon 2010: Make the Bad Men Stop, Part 1


We disappeared over Labor Day Weekend. It’s true. To prove we were actually doing stuff at DragonCon 2010 and not just goofing off, here’s the first in a series of audio and video bits we’ll be sharing from our various and sundry adventures. It’s “Make the Bad Men Stop,” our panel in which we invite the audience to bring up various movies in states of development (or rumored development) and we dash any and all dreams of decent cinema to the ground. Then we trample the remains.

Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for capturing this panel for what passes for posterity. Thanks to Leigh for letting us invade her track room to do this. And thanks to everybody who came out, masochists every single last one of them.

Update: Thanks to Robert for pointing out that the “bingo” thing might be a little weird. At Need Coffee panels we play “Panel Bingo,” in which a number of audience members get bingo cards with things that could/usually happen at our panels. They play for fabulous prizes.

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